Custom Furniture – Sometime’s finding something the perfect size and look for your space just isn’t going to happen (or it’s been discontinued), and that’s where custom comes in. We are lucky to have access in our area to many talented local craftsman and for that reason we are able to offer a wide variety of custom wood furniture. In addition to great local resources, our trusted cabinet vendor Plain & Fancy is able to offer custom furniture at the same level of quality as our custom cabinets and is ideal choice for larger complicated pieces with lots of moving parts. Grothouse Lumber, offers custom designed tables ready to seat everyone you know and then fold up into themselves for everyday life.

Custom Upholstery & Draperies – With access to all the top fabric & trim companies like F.Schumacher, Kravet, and Thibault – plus an arsenal of artisans fabric designers, we can truly create the soft furnishings dreams are made of for you & your home! For new furnishings we offer a variety of vendors, all American made, and mostly in the hub of the furniture world, North Carolina. We also offer re-upholstery & custom draperies through our local workrooms.

Lighting Niki’s favorite item to pick out for any room, we think lighting should not only brighten your day but add tons of style. We like to think of lighting as that last little touch – like a pair of fabulous earrings to polish off a look. They may seem effortlessly chic simply because they’re the last thing we put on but really we were thinking about those earrings the entire time we were getting dressed. Though we offer lighting to cater to budgets ranging from tight to “What’s a budget?” we think this is the most splurge worthy item and a high quality fixture really does make a difference. Our favorite Vendors include locals like Hubbardton Forge and -remember lighting guy-, old friends kmoe., independent makers and national names like Currey & Co, Visual Comfort, and

Wall Treatments & Custom Art – If there’s one thing we love it’s a statement wall… or walls. From custom millwork, intricate Italian wallpaper, paper thin slate veneer, a hand painted mural, living wall or laser cut leather wall cladding doing something a little bit different than just paint is the most impactful way to change your space. Our most popular treatment by far are our wallpapers and reclaimed wood veneer.