Well folks, we’ve reached that time of year again where the bloggers (and most importantly, Oprah) start listing their favorite things for us all to buy… and while I’m not saying I won’t be making one of those lists someday (you all know how much I love giving my opinion!) this year I’ve decided to do something a little bit different, and clue you in on all the REAL ESTATE I’m loving on the market right now! Chris & I constantly watch the market in the area for a flip or land to build our dream house & let me tell you – there’s some good stuff for sale right now!

PSA: If you buy one of these houses you simply must hire me to help you transform it & make it perfect for you ’cause I’m in love with them ALL! Now go buy something beautiful!


barnumville brick.jpg

Barnumville Brick House with a Colorful Past – Ok this might be the one on the list I’ve been lusting over the longest in town, ’cause y’all know my feelings about brick buildings are strong, and there aren’t a ton of them around. If you’ve ever found yourself wanting a classic & traditional colonial farmhouse with a basement where you might also want to host a Gogol Bordello concert or run an underground burlesque show out of – this is your house! In the main part of the house, it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a well kept 1824 built colonial, gorgeous original millwork & hardwoods and a great center hall floor plan with of course, some dated wallpaper but we all know that’s an easy fix. But open the door to the basement and you’ll be met with a cheeky mural of a showgirl welcoming you to the speakeasy. (yes, you read right!) Ample storage space in the multiple outbuildings that used to house the King Reid’s Circus further push this property to the top of the perfect quirky Vermont house category. It also features a dutch door which is one of my favorite details! Needs a new Kitchen but I think I know someone who can help with that! For more information on this property, check out the real estate listing here, or contact Paul Carroccio with TPW Real Estate




glebelands .jpg

Massive & Magical Manchester Estate – Boasting 28.5 acres in the Village, this property known as “Glebelands” is my literal dream (and way outside of my budget… at least for the foreseeable future). I got the opportunity to peep at this property during an estate sale this fall and let me tell you – It is bananas! First off, the location is crazy good, basically directly across from Orvis the address has the prestige of a Village address with amazing walkability to the center of town. The property is also completely amazing, boasting a brook and a swimming pond, gorgeous gardens, and tons of outbuildings INCLUDING A HEATED FOLLY. Are you screaming yet? ‘Cause I am! Though the real estate listing is the first glimpse I’m getting at the interior, as expected, it’s gorgeous. Not only is it loaded with insane original details but all renovations & additions have been done extremely tastefully. My favorite feature however? The conservatory space at the back of the home for a year round plant sanctuary!  For more information on this property, visit the listing here or contact Laura Beckwith with Josiah Allen Real Estate

glebelands details.jpg


Musser House .jpg

The Musser House, A Dorset Village Dream Property – If there’s a house I know the in’s and outs of on this list, it’s definitely this one! We got freaking married here! Ok really we got married across the street in the church & celebrated directly behind the house at the Dorset Field Club – but my family rented this house as home base for the wedding and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We loved the house so much it was the setting for most of our wedding pictures. This 1905 Village home exudes charm from all corners with original details abound, but with all the modern conveniences one could ask for. The entire first floor functions as great entertaining space, with room for a crowd, plus front, back and side porches for all your outdoor living needs. Upstairs, the bedrooms and bathrooms go on for days, with the ultimate hidden bonus on the top level – a bunk room & recreation space! While it may be right in the center of the village, the property still feels fairly private and you really can’t beat the shortcut through the backyard if you’re a Field club member – I can’t believe it’s been on the market as long as it has as it’s 100% move in ready and a steal for a home of this quality & location! My favorite feature is the mustard yellow front entry & staircase, this was the inspiration for our dining room color in our current home. For more information about this property, check out the real estate listing here or contact Kathrine Zilkha with Sotheby’s



Danby Estate.jpg

The Ultimate Country Estate – If you’re looking for a place to totally unplug, boy have we found the property for you! Situated on a whopping 91 acres in Danby this land has more than enough space for you to get away from it all, and borders further picturesque nature sharing a property line with the Smokey House Center. The house is pretty amazing as well, built circa 1800 there is so much original charm with smart modern updates! I love all the original paneling but for me, it’s a bit of a hike to town. However, it’s Chris’s literal dream property with the acreage, pond, orchard, tons of outbuildings to become his shop & massive AGA stove! (And it will 100% require a tractor which let’s be real, is the biggest selling point for him.) A rare feature in Vermont as well, theres’s a fabulous in-ground pool! For more information on this property, visit the listing here, or contact Story Jenks with LandVestdanby estate detail.jpg



The South Dorset Schoolhouse – Former home to Stratton Magazine, this cute as a button not so little schoolhouse presents the perfect spot for anyone looking for a Live/Work setup with that coveted walk downstairs commute! If we ever started a Dorset office, this would be the spot – I love the high ceilings & open floorplan of the second level. Both the living space and work space are surprisingly spacious, ample parking in front, and there’s even a backyard with plenty of space for enjoying the outdoors. My favorite element however is the steep staircase up to the second level, I just die over the black & white contrast with the sisal look carpet, such a good combo! To find out more about this great property, check out the real estate listing here, or Contact Laura Beckwith with Josiah Allendorset schoolhouse.jpg


Old meets new .jpg

Old House Style, with none of the Drawbacks! – If you’ve ever wanted to live in a Northshire Living project, this is your chance! We had so much fun helping design this clients beautiful new construction project on Scottsville Road in Danby. Initially the plan was to move the existing farmhouse on the property back off the road, adding on a master suite and mudroom, but when the chimney fell in as they started to move it, it became clear it was time for plan B – start from scratch with a faithful reproduction of the original! We designed a custom built modern kitchen, spa-like bathrooms, and helped pick painting & light fixtures any prospective buyer was sure to fall in love with and builder Dan Garceau executed beautifully. We added in elements of the original home, saving trim work and doors where we could. When mantles & hearths couldn’t work in the new space, the profile was replicated and new Danby Marble surrounds installed. This home seriously has so much charm that it doesn’t *feel* new in the most wonderful way – but some of the new house features just cannot be beat! My favorite feature sounds weird but it’s totally the basement – though unfinished,  it’s ready to be made into whatever suits your lifestyle and probably the nicest dryest basement I’ve ever seen with these insanely high ceilings I still can’t believe exist in a basement. You could have a home office, a playroom, a gym, laundry room, wine cellar, extra bedroom or probably even all of the above with a little creativity as the space is seriously huge – there’s just so much potential! There’s also 10 acres of property with the most beautiful bubbling brook running just behind the house. But enough about this project, we’ve got a full project reveal with all the details on this particular property coming soon to the blog, we just couldn’t not mention it on this list as well ’cause it’s just that good! For more information on this property, check out the listing here or contact Annie Bessette with TPW Real EstateDanby build.jpg




A Stratton Ski House That Belongs in a Magazine Are you sure you’re looking at a real estate listing and not the latest issue of Mountain Living magazine? You’re seeing right, this beauty is not only the highest ticket property to make the list, but also the most impeccably done I’ve seen in the area. All of the interiors, there’s not one thing I’d change! Sure, I’ve I’d been designing from scratch I’m sure the result would be a bit different –  but I just love how whoever designed this home danced the very tricky line of rustic log home but with a modern sensibility. There is seriously not one thing I would change and if you know me & how I pick apart everything, that is maybe the biggest compliment ever! For a log cabin, there’s this very special simplicity to the home, someone took great care not to overdo it but still make it feel very Vermont – and honestly it shows. My favorite spaces are definitely the Kitchen & Great Room but the whole house is simply stunning – and in one of my favorite Stratton Mountain neighborhoods to boot with an excellent view of the slopes! For more information on this property, check out the real estate listing here or contact Kim Wohler of Wohler Realty

stratton deets.jpg

laurens.jpgRichville Road Home with a Refreshed Kitchen – Another house we had a hand in on the list, clients who had us complete a quick update to their countertops in the most extra way – with a waterfall edge and full height backsplash – are selling their home. This great little house right down the road from our own is a great starter house with style! We love the neighborhood here, everyone is friendly & there are lots of families with kiddos. Lots of room to play out back and easy access to the Lye Brook Wilderness. But act fast, this one might be disappearing from the market soon – It’s already had lots of interest! For more information on this home, visit the real estate listing here or contact Chrissy Carroccio with TPW Real Estate.

laurens detail.jpg



Hidden Meadows Estate – If there’s one property on the list where I literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor, it’s this one. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS PERFECTION?! They had me at Georgian Federal and they completely did me in with the grounds! Just look at that pool & pavilion! The interiors are impeccably done however, could use a good yank into the 21st century – but mix in a little bit of modern and you’ve got yourself the DREAM. I am quite impressed with how new a build this is (1989) as it looks like it’s been there a lot longer! You really can’t top the old world style with the peace of mind of a newer build. This might top out that magical Manchester estate, though I fancy myself an in-town girl, you certainly wouldn’t have to twist my arm to get me up-mountain for this magnificent estate. If you’ve got the budget, this property cannot be beat! For more information on this property, head on over to the real estate listing or contact Kim Wohler of Wohler Realty

hidden meadows.jpg


5a3893f65d6c1c324d19e0136e91b55dl-m1xd-w1020_h770_q80.jpgA Unique Ski Home Curved like the Slopes – Well if you’re going to buy a home with curved walls, do yourself a favor and hire a designer – even for us – this is a challenge! But so worth it if you want a standout home with a peaceful natural vibe. This contemporary home built in 1985 looks well done and while the look overall is a touch 80s, there’s a classic cool to it’s interiors that with a few of the right tweaks this home would be a total knockout. I feel like a pro-snowboarder should buy this and we could turn it into the ultimate cool AF getaway house! For more information on this home, check out the real estate listing or contact Alison Clayton-Cummings with TPW Real Estate.




Morse Hill Historic Home– If you’re looking for a really old house that oozes character with every inch – say hello to this 1786 farmhouse that I can’t believe is for real! To quote the listing, “this is one of the most historic homes in Southern Vermont. Originally built by Eliakim Demming on land confiscated from Tories loyal to the crown shortly after the Revolutionary War.” You just don’t see many places on the market that are only a few years younger than our country! You really really need to love old houses to call this one home but, boy oh boy, whoever decides to is oh-so-lucky! I feel like this property would probably work best as a secondary home. I would love to take a stab at furnishing this place because – talk about a challenge – but I wouldn’t touch a thing with the fixed finishes – it’s stunning and SO cozy! For more information about this home, take a look at the real estate listing or contact listing agent Paul Carroccio with TPW Real Estate.




Build your Dream House on Top of the World! –  Ok, we had to finish out the list with one spectacular piece of LAND. There’s just something so enticing about starting from scratch and making it your own. This lot is just insane, you don’t hear 360 degree views very often – and this property really isn’t kidding. Just had to mention it – even if it’s not a house! For more information on this property & it’s potential, check out the real estate listing or contact Andy Reed with Sotheby’s 

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