Hey Mom & Grandma, I know you’re reading this. Stop reading now! You can read this one after the holiday, don’t ruin the surprise.

Everyone else, welcome to your comprehensive guide to what in the heck you should get your Mother (but also any other mom’s you know and are close with) for her annual celebration of motherhood. If you’re like me – you just realized Mother’s Day is approaching quickly (It’s Next Sunday?!). And If you are me… the pressure is on because Mom’s birthday is also the same week (so like it better be good – ok?!). If you’re local, many of these suggestions can be had curbside from our wonderful local businesses, and most offer expedited delivery if you’re really cutting it close! I’ve pulled together a little something for a few different types of Moms below so you can really get something that feels just right for that special lady in your life!

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But before we get into gifts, don’t forget a special card. I’ve been loving sending intricate & beyond cool pop-up cards from LovePop to all my loved ones during this time! They even have Pop-Up bouquets available that I sent to both my Grandmas, which were perfect for them for a few reasons. My Mom’s Mom is in a nursing home and though I usually get her a plant, I thought that might be a lot for her to upkeep and wanted to give something she could enjoy year round. My Dad’s Mom spends a lot of time with my Aunt, who is allergic to florals, so she’s never been one to have flowers in the house, I thought this was a great way to be able to send her a bouquet she can enjoy! You can even add a personalized note with a photo which my Mom really loved (her’s arrived early today.)

Modern Mom

A. Pilea Peperomioides Plant – $33 – This little cutie has been on my plant list for a while and I just might treat myself. This little happy plant is sure to put a smile on Mom’s face.

B. Resin Floral Paperweight – $78 – A dandelion blossom ready to blow brings back memories of childhood! Give Mom a gift that will make her smile while at her desk, this perfect little paperweight!

C. Broad Strokes – $30  – What mom doesn’t love some girl power? This is a great read full of inspirational women.

D. Hoya Heart Plant – $28  – This little heart shaped succulent is just SO cute, especially if you’re just looking for a little “Hey, I love you.” token!

E. Wabi Sabi Sparkling Bergamont Candle – $35 – Not only is the vessel adorable but the bright scent of Sparkling Bergamont is sure to put mom in a good mood.

F. Mother’s Day Cheer Protea Bouquet – $88 – OK of all the Bouquets in this roundup, this one might be my favorite – it’s just so unique & special! I love the cheery colors & sculptural form of the flowers.


Traditional Mom

A. Lily of the Valley in Urn – $78 – These are a favorite spring flower of mine, and remind me of my Grandma Janice. She used to sing a song with us about fairies & hearing them sing. Plus I love a gift that gives the recipient an activity, watching these grow will be such a delight. This traditional urn is a great accent in any home and will work with many styles, especially a modern farmhouse vibe!

B. Mother Myrick’s Lemon Lulu & Buttercrunch Combo – $50-60 – Send your mom two of Vermont’s most famed treats! (besides maple syrup obviously) There’s a reason this locally made lemon cake & Buttercrunch have a cult following  – they are delicious! They are pros at the mail order thing and have been for some time, but are also doing curbside pickups if you happen to be local! Send yourself something sweet too while you’re at it, you won’t regret it.

C. Bennington Potters Large Heart Baker – $42 – I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure Moms love anything heart shaped from their kids. It’s a visual representation of all that  love they put into our lives! Moms also like baking and classic blue & white speckle-ware so this baker really is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. * Hot tip: for extra bonus points bake something like cinnamon rolls inside & give it to her full of a delicious treat! 

D. A Mother’s Memory Journal – $20 – Mom’s are also a sentimental bunch, yeah they’ve got scrapbooks and photo albums to help them remember when you were just a baby –  but there isn’t always a camera to capture every moment and often snapshots don’t tell the full story. This book is full of thoughtful prompts to help record & reflect, with places to put momentos and a family tree. This is a great gift for a new or soon to be mom, but can also be appreciated by moms of all ages.

E. Lemon Bars Rose Bouquet – $73 – My mom’s favorite flowers are yellow roses, so I couldn’t get through this post without making sure they were on the list.

Farmhouse Mom

A. 17″ Cast Iron Dual Handle Pan – $109  – Whether your mom is new to the wonders of Cast Iron cooking or a pro, this size is so versatile for cooking & not one you usually see. I love how the dual handle makes it easier to manage pulling in and out of the oven.

B. Magnolia Table Cookbook – $30 – If you haven’t yet checked out one of Joanna’s recipes, you gotta. Not only does she have that farmhouse look totally figured out, she’s got the best classic comfort food creations to go with it! People rave about this cook book & if your mom loves farmhouse, she’ll love this from the queen of farmhouse style!

C. Hello Sunshine Arrangement – $64-94  – I love the simple casual vibe of this bouquet, this looks like something Chris might pick for me from the field and our sunflower patch. It’s the opposite of your typical mail order arrangement & we kind of love that.

D. Farmhouse Pottery Heart Mug – $65 – Another made in Vermont product, if you don’t already know about Farmhouse Pottery, you should! They create beautiful, simple & classic pottery with an all white color palette that makes them perfect for styling your open kitchen shelving. This mug benefits the American Heart Association and is a great way to show you care!

E. White Hyacinth Bulbs in Distressed Metal Pot – $54 –  Another classic spring plant, Hyacinths are a beautiful gift that’s a little more relaxed than a bouquet of roses. I love this tin pot they provide to create that farmhouse feel!

Rustic Mom

A. Jen Black Designs Candle Hurricanes – $98-175 – These gorgeous made in Vermont candle holders are sure to strike up conversation at the next Dinner Party Mom host’s if you gift them this Mother’s Day! The leather, exposed stitching, & simple form make these the perfect modern rustic decor.

B. Sweet Nature – $25 – This guide to using more Honey & Maple Syrup in your cooking is a great way to make your cooking feel a bit more Farm to table. Cooking with natural sweeteners can be tricky so this is a great way to make it feel a little less intimidating.

C. Wild About U Bouquet – $54-84  – For the mom who isn’t about roses, a bouquet that feels a little more like wildflowers is a better option! I love this unique bouquet with a succulent for a Mother’s Day gift that’s a little more off the beaten path!

D. Three Bees & Summer Bear Hooked Pillows – $49-79 – If there was ever a brand more synonymous with classic rustic decor than Chandler Four Corners, I sure don’t know about it! When I picture a classic ski house, I can’t without imagining their woodsy pillows on every sofa. I love the casual rustic vibe of the Three Bees design, and the Summer Bear is a great updated version of their classic bear motif!

E. Pantry Bread Bow – $85 – If your Mom’s caught the bread-making bug everyone seems to have this month, this is just the accessory to aide in her adventures. Nothing’s worse than smushing a fresh perfectly formed loaf with a dull bread knife. This bread bow will make sure every slice is as perfect as her beautiful children!

Flower Child

A. Vermont Macrame Golden Sunshine Plant Hanger – $40  – I just love this sunny boho planter from Vermont Macrame! Pair this with a pretty fern or trailing succulent and it’s the perfect gift for Mom!

B. Smudge Kit – $24  – I got this kit recently cause I felt like our house needed some *clearing* after being cooped up inside for so long. It was a great kit and packaged perfectly for gifting. A very affordable way to send Mom some positive energy!

C. Minty Blue Cotton Caftan – $60 – This easy wearing caftan is just the thing for lounging around the house in style. All cotton & from Vermont Country Store so you know it’s quality!

D. Beehive Burner – $85 – If incense is your Mom’s thing, this burner is a just adorable!

E. Floral Infusion Multitasking Oil – $25 – Upstairs neighbor & friend, Amanda Birch gifted me one of her amazing face oils and ever since my skin has felt amazing! Her’s are bespoke & not available online but this oil is wonderful substitute with pretty petals inside for presentation.

F. Saffron Latte Mix – $36Touting feelings of euphoria, nourishment, & tranquility, why wouldn’t you want to try this cozy beverage? Saffron has many health benefits, and when drank as a latte, it’s supposed to feel centering & help to replace caffiene in your life. I’m dying to try this and I’m sure any holistically adventurous Mom would too!

G. In Living Color Arrangement – $60  – This bright & colorful arrangement is perfect for the free-spirited Mom. Add a little bit of sunshine to her day by having this show up on her door!


Life is extra hard right now, but especially hard for Mom’s. Many are working from home while homeschooling kids and doing more laundry and meal prep than they ever thought was possible – all with no weekend drinks with the girls! Mom’s are probably feeling pretty DONE right now (as they should!) and Mother’s Day is a great excuse to pamper them a little.

A. Queen Bee PJ Set – $110 – A stylish set of matching PJs is the perfect way to show mom you care, while saying, “It’s O.K. if you don’t get dressed today, we won’t judge you.” These “Queen Bee” motif ones will let her know you think she’s the Bee’s Knees!  This is in general a great idea and there are so many fun prints out there you can really customize to your mom’s personality & interests. I love the idea of getting a special set of PJs once a year so this is one of those gift ideas you can use again & again!

B. The Comforter Bath Bomb – $8– If  I had to pick a favorite bath bomb ever (which feels like the hardest choice ever) this one would be the one. This bath bomb melts, smells blissfully sweet & soothing, wraps you in moisture and really just kind of feels like a warm hug from your Mom. Give your mom the gift of a warm hug, especially if you’re far away right now. There’s also a bubble bar & a body spray. You’re welcome.

C. Cozy Time Robe in Blush – On Sale for $78.50!  – Eberjey is one of my favorite sleepwear companies, especially the fabric they make this Cozy Time collection out of – it is ridiculously soft! Chris got me this in Charcoal for Christmas and I love it, it is super cozy & soft, I love to lounge in it. The blush is super cute & a steal on sale now locally at LaPeche!  Also on my list is the jogger & top set from the same collection.

D. Surviving Not Thriving Crewneck – $33 – From one of my favorite instagram accounts The Home Edit, comes this hilariously accurate crew neck I kind of wish I was wearing all the time. Perfect for pairing with leggings & a messy bun on busy days.

E. A Trip to Bliss with Amanda Birch – $200 This service is really her signature facial but I’ll refer to it as a trip to bliss because that’s what it is. Forget the skincare benefits, I would do this just for the level of relaxation Amanda creates like no other. Treat the Mom in your life to Bliss, she deserves it.

F. Nuudii Bra – $44  – It might seem weird to gift your mom a bra, but I promise you, she’ll be thanking you for this one. Really, it’s a re-imagining of the concept of bra’s and it feels like you aren’t even wearing one. Perfect for those who want to go bra-less but feel like they can’t because their boobs will be all over the place. I haven’t taken it off since it came in the mail, I want to give one to every person I know with boobs!

G. Trance Valerian Root & CBD Oil – $68 – Because sometimes Mom’s need a little help to unwind after a long day! Gift your mom the gift of some relaxing & restorative deep sleep and the inner peace that CBD provides. This company has a tincture for every mood and I’m determined to slowly try them all.

H. Some Alone Time / A Break (Not Pictured) – Priceless – Sometimes the greatest thing you can give a Mom is some down time where she can take a break from Mom-ing. Whether it’s a day spent keeping the kid’s outside the house & away from Mom, a long bath with no interruptions, or just a quite hour to read a book… I’m sure she’d appreciate it.


Now go out and Love your Mom’s People!

xoxo Niki


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