Hello Again! A busy week with some final pre-baby appointments and though I’m *technically* on Maternity Leave, we had a few final client meetings and details to wrap up, and part two of a photoshoot for our most recently completed project – So my post is a bit late this week & it’s a quick one! But this is an exciting week – You finally get to see the wallpaper installed!

The wallpaper was my most exciting development, Kenny, our fabulous wallpaper extraordinaire, was able to squeeze me in for a quick install as long as I could clear out the room with little notice. So one night he texted me – does tomorrow work? And I got to work shoving all the baby stuff into my studio and pushing the furniture to the center of the room. Here is a look at the space right when he started work that morning!

The magician working his magic!

After priming & smoothing the walls a bit, he started hanging! It was a tough install, the ceilings & walls of our old home have a fair amount of wiggle to them and we had just barely enough paper. With the ceiling height minus the baseboard, we needed 21 widths around the space, and the 5 rolls I ordered gave us 24 with the ceiling height minus the baseboard, and with a large 36″ repeat there was zero margin for error. Luckily, he made it work with about a quarter of a roll to spare thanks to those three extra widths, and I LOVE the way it looks!

Maybe my favorite detail is how well the thermostat blends in with the wallpaper, it almost disappears as it is a perfect match for the creamy field of the wallpaper. Unfortunately, I found out that the screw-less switch plates Chris has lovingly installed throughout our house (which are such a nice modern touch!) do not take wallpaper well like a standard switch plate and cannot be wrapped to match like I usually like to do. Ken did the outlets to match for now, and I may decide to swap the screw-less out for standard someday, but for now I am thrilled with the results and the bright white switches match the trim – so I guess they can stay! Besides, one controls a motion censor light for our driveway (old house quirks!) and I’ll most likely hang a piece of art over it so as to make sure Franny doesn’t cause mischief with it when she’s old enough to reach & we don’t use it.

Like it isn’t even there!

Stay tuned for our Week 5 post where we’re talking all things vintage for the space, and as always, make sure to check out the other fabulous projects in progress over on the One Room Challenge Blog!

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