Oops, we forgot to write our post for this week! Maybe biting off a 6 week makeover challenge during our busiest time of year at work was a dumb idea. Well it’s too late to turn back now!

Mainly, this week we just picked up stuff. I drove to Brattleboro to pick up a sweet, sweet, velvet fainting couch that is the absolute best curl up and read a book spot. I don’t even feel like I need to wax poetic about that Cisco Bros. chair I love anymore (though they would coordinate well!). And Chris drove to basically Albany to pick up some reclaimed wood we were going to use for the floors…. that trip didn’t go quite as well.

My Beauty <3

We initially wanted to snag some gymnasium flooring ’cause I thought it was cool that it would have paint left from the stripes and be a cool compliment to our auditorium seating. Unfortunately, the ad failed to mention it was also 3.5″ thick instead of the typical 3/4″ which wouldn’t work with the doors in the space and in person it was not so cool. When he asked if the guy had anything thinner, he was pointed in the direction of a smaller quantity of 1.5″ cherry, Chris texted me for approval and I was like YES BUY IT because cherry was not in the budget but the wood our cabinet we’ll be using as a coat closet was so it would be SO perfect. It became clear super fast that we got bamboozled and this was a) not cherry but maple and b) barely enough for a tiny powder room, no where near 100 square feet.

The very cute, but not very useful maple we ended up with!

After scouring the internet for more of the same 1.5″ Maple, which surprise, is incredibly rare, we called in Ben of Powerglide Flooring for help. While we wanted to make what we had work, getting that affordably and ASAP was not looking likely. I told Ben we really just wanted something inexpensive because we hadn’t really planned on replacing the floor (and it’s our mudroom) and we needed it fast as we had planned on installing the floors this weekend. Look wise we were hoping to either A) match the knotty pine or b) go dark and pick up the knots (most likely by staining). After going through all this we realized we definitely didn’t want to put the effort into wood floors just to paint them so that was out. Boy did he deliver! He found some trusty, durable Red Oak, pre-finished so we don’t have to stain it, in stock and at a steal of a price! We still need to go pick it up so we couldn’t install this weekend but getting it this week and installing next instead. It makes completing the project little tighter than I’d like it to be, but hey, this was project creep after all!

We also ordered some fruit trees to live inside the porch & on my to-do list this week is touching up the paint, ordering hardware, and figuring out curtains. I’ll also be re-potting our olive tree to live out there as well. With this setback & all the rain we’ve had (and will continue to) I’m doubtful I’ll get the exterior touching up & painting I wanted to get done around the front door but that will have to be a project for later on this summer when things warm up a bit!

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