Week 5

SO guys, it’s week 5 of the one room challenge and we are down to the final PUSH!!! I don’t have a lot to say, I’m sick, it hasn’t stopped raining the entire challenge, my entire house is a mess and somehow I thought I had 2 more weeks not one.


So we’re phoning in this post because I need to get back to sewing these rugs together which I thought would be a super easy DIY but is actually very time consuming and hurts your fingers a lot.

For me, there’s always a phase near the end of a project where I get frustrated with how much work I’ve already done AND how much more there is still to do, and right now we’re there. Luckily, Chris is keeping me sane and every time I freak out about not having something done, he’s there with a helpful idea like painting our plant stands from the back porch. Chris has been hard at work installing the floors, I’ve been frantically Amazon Prime-ing things I forgot and trying to keep Bromley from chewing on the rugs while I work.

This weekend I’ll be hitting up the Dorset Church Rummage Sale, maybe the Washington County Antique Fair and if we’re desperate, Target to find some kind of low storage, a potting bench or a dry sink, and a side table that are the final missing pieces of the puzzle for this space, it’s actually a much bigger space than I thought as it’s only ever been filled with boxes and I did not think it would take so much furniture to fill! Still to do on Chris’s List is finishing flooring, cutting baseboard, replacing the outlets and lights, and helping me move the big stuff. Still on my list is sewing a lot more rugs, touching up the paint and painting baseboard, replacing some hardware, painting some plant stands, and styling the space. Then we shoot!

See you next week for the final reveal! Here’s some photos:

Last nights progress!

I’ve decided just to update the hardware on this! No time for refinishing!
Bromley loves the new rugs, the solution to destruction ended up being letting her
sit on the pile with a bone.
This broken bulb is how I feel right now.
Got one section of 6 together last night, I don’t have anywhere to spread out more so I’m sewing sections together until Chris is done with floors & I can move in there.

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  1. .aybe put your N&C pillows on your chaise with a nice throw. Can’t wait to see it. If you need me to go to Target, let me know.

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